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Based on various experience and own technologies, KAMOME Stuudio provides post-production services, including mixing, mastering, editing and authoring musical products.

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KAMOME Stuudio was founded in 2022, but before establishing as company, we have tons of various experience for music/audio post-production area. Now we built our own studio with immersive audio capability, we provides up-to-dated audio post-production services.

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Dolby Atmos® mixing and mastering

Dolby Atmos® is an immersive audio technology that allows creators to place discrete audio elements or objects in a three-dimensional sound field, which is not possible in stereo. It offers a more realistic and engaging listening experience by creating a sense of space and depth in the music.


Music track mixing is the process of combining multiple audio tracks into a single stereo or surround sound recording. It involves adjusting the volume levels of each track, panning them left and right to create a stereo field, and applying effects such as equalization, compression, and reverb.


Mastering is not same with mixing. Mastering makes the sound cohesive across the record and prepares the music for different distribution formats, including various physical media and also online subscription services.

Studio-quality own equipment

KAMOME Stuudio is not typical post-production studio. We also have hardware development ability to build custom studio-quality audio hardware, such as AD/DA converter, monitor controller, and microphone preamplifier, based on your demand to make the sound unique and/or higher quality.



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